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09/15/2014 | Caring for Children with Special Needs
How are you including children with special needs in your program?

09/18/2014 | Successful Group Times with Toddlers
How are you supporting toddlers during group time?

11/14/2014 | FSCT - Verification of Amplification for the Pediatric Population
Current EHDI issues will be shared and recent statistics reviewed.

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Events - Week of Aug 24 - Aug 30, 2014


Monday, Aug 25, 2014
Direct Service Provider 103 (DSP 103)
Within 3-6 months after enrolling, providers must complete DSP103.
Direct Service Provider 102 (DSP 102)
Within 60 days after enrolling, providers must complete DSP102.
Tuesday, Aug 26, 2014
My Child Has Special Needs: Now What?
Find help to map out the next steps for your child and family.
Wednesday, Aug 27, 2014
Safe Sleep Refresher
This 1 hour training is designed as an update for those previously attending Safe Sleeping Practices and Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Child Care.
Paths To QUALITY: Introduction Session
This is the first step to enrolling in the Paths to QUALITY (PTQ) rating system. Once you have atten
Thursday, Aug 28, 2014
Successful Group Times with Toddlers
How are you supporting toddlers during group time?
St. Joseph
Friday, Aug 29, 2014
FSCT-Feeding Intervention and Family Support in the Early Intervention System
This course will focus on understanding the anatomy, oral motor, and oral sensory components involved in feeding as well as learning strategies to address oral motor and oral sensory difficulties including oral sensitivity and difficulty with food transitions.
Saturday, Aug 30, 2014
Roadmap to Special Education; Laws and Process
Indiana Special Education Law and IEP training
St. Joseph